13 Dec

With bunches of new keyboard shortcuts and workflows

5 Dec

Modern Robot will be bringing Night of the Living Dead to Orlando 2017

3 Dec

Recording audio for Krisztina Dér's DMA dissertation project

26 Nov

Playing electric keyboard for Cathalyn at Urban Grinders

11 Nov

Original guitar music for Steve Mitchell's short story; with Abigail Dowd

23 Oct

Plays keys in disguise, including "Spooky"

23 Oct

Crossroads plays the "must-attend horror event of October" at Cinema Village

20 Oct

A Modern Times Mfg video: Ric Robertson and Nick perform live

Ric Robertson

24 Sep

At the Crossroads is selected one of four Best of Fringe shows and all-over Techie's Choice

10 Sep

"Spine-tingling treatment from silent movie musical maestros Modern Robot"

9 Sep

Playing electric keys with Laurelyn Dossett and others

25 Aug

New features!

17 Aug

Performing at DROM Aug 17, 18, 20, 22, 24